Rugs Cleaning & Repair F.A.Q
Are all rug cleaning businesses the same?

The rug care industry is no different than other industries. The most qualified rug care specialists distinguish themselves by their experience, in-depth knowledge of rugs, technical excellence, and customer service. For example, the best rug care specialists will be able to identify your rugs based on rug type, where and when it was made, and how it was constructed. This information is necessary to determine the best cleaning method.

What is the cost of repair?

Since all work is done in house, with no out-sourcing. Our cleaning is priced by the square foot. You can call or e-mail and we will give you a quote. For repairs we usually need to see the rug. Bring it in, ship it to us, or have us pick it up. We will provide cost estimates for the work needed. We can offer you LOWER pricing. We can give a quote once we know the size and extent of damage. Our prices are very competitive and our workmanship is excellent.

How often should rugs be cleaned?

When a rug still looks dirty after vacuuming it may be time to clean it. Time between cleanings can vary greatly. Rugs in high traffic and entry ways may need cleaning every six months, in lower traffic areas every 2-3 years might be enough.

How do you wash my rugs?

We offer traditional rug cleaning, not "on the surface" steam cleaning. Please take a few moments to view our video on our home page to see the cleaning process.

I do not have a digital camera or scanner to send you digital pictures, what should I do?

Just take your regular camera and take two snapshots and send us the pictures with all the other required information to us. Do not forget, we need to know: Size of the damaged area. Type of materials (Silk, Wool) You can send all the above information to us. Please do not forget your email address and telephone number. We will contact you with proper estimate and all the required steps.

What are the main damages that occur to rugs and carpets?

Most common problems are:
Water Damage (Flood, water damage from plants and pots left on the top of rugs for a long time) Pet Stains , Moth Damage Spilling Wine, Chocolate Color Bleeding due to the improper wash The list is long and it will be many other things that could go wrong with your beautiful rugs. Do not panic; Just contact us we will take care of it!

How long dose it take to fix my rugs?

Usually it takes between 1 to 2 weeks for regular repair after we receive your rug. We will inform you when your rug will be ready. We will walk you through the process.

Do you fix tapestries too?

Yes! We are able to fix your tapestries

How good is your restoration process?

We are expert in this field. We have been in charge of restoration of rugs and carpets in IRAN before coming to the US. we have over 45 years solid experience on repair and restoration and re-coloration of oriental rugs, tapestries and other textiles. All of our repairs have a 30day guarantee and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will add more pictures of our current jobs in near future

Can you use Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector for oriental rugs?

Scotchgard™ recommends that we do not use Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector for any oriental rugs. They have found the variability between manufacturers and the occasional use of food dyes can produce unusual and unpredictable results.

My pet had an accident. What should I do?

If your pet has an accident on your rug, it’s important to quickly absorb as much of the liquid as possible. After that, cover the area with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water then blot (do not rub) the solution up. Over-the-counter spot removers are typically too harsh, containing ingredients such as bleach, and should be avoided.

What causes dye bleeding?

Dye bleeding can be caused by any number of things. Sometimes when rugs are washed, the dyes may weaken and bleed during the cleaning process. This can be due to defective dyes or dye methods, after-market painting or even pet urine and over-the-counter spot removers.

Why do rug fringes darken and wear so quickly?

Fringes deteriorate easily with normal foot traffic, vacuuming, cleaning, and other conditions. Because of their tenuous nature, fringes need to be replaced periodically.

Do you fix the color bleeding in my rugs?

Yes! We are able to remove the color bleeding and spots removing out of your beautiful rugs and carpets.

I do have a very large rug, would you send your team to my house?

If you live in Denver, we do offer pickup and delivery for a minimum fee, We can give you a quote over the phone after you have provided us with a picture of the damage. If you live out of town we can provide our services to you and quote you pricing after you have provided us with a picture of the damage. The carpet then can be sent to us via mailing services such as UPS, etc. Check the damage, stains, odors, and do not be shy to ask questions!